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Trophic, Gradient, Analysis, Lake Powell, Spring, Runoff


Between 26 April and 2 May 1992, students in a utah state university aquatic ecology class visited Lake Powell to do a study of trophic gradients of the reservoir. The main axis of the reservoir was surveyed, as well as less detailed analyses of Moki and Escalante Canyons. The work was conducted in collaboration with personnel from the u.s. Bureau of Reclamation headed by Bill Vernieu, and from the u.s. Geological Survey (Dick Marzolf). Some of their data appear in the physical-chemical section of this report.

Each student was responsible for compiling a report on one of the following specific aspects of the gradient: (1) physical and chemical characteristics; (2) chlorophyll a; (3) zooplankton abundance and species composition; (4) fish abundance including gill net and hydroacoustic results; (5) results of nutrient addition bioassays to test for nutrient limitation of the phytoplankton in different sections of the reservoir. This report begins with a data compilation of the trophic gradient, the results of which were presented in the 1993 Bonneville Chapter Meetings of the American Fisheries Society. Following the compilation, the reports of the individual students are given.


This work made publicly available electronically on June 28, 2012.