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Trophic, Gradient, Analysis, Lake Powell, Utah State University, Aquatic, Ecology, Laboratory, Analyses


From 9-11 April, 1994, the Aquatic Ecology Laboratory Class (FW462) of Utah State University sampled the upper reaches of Lake Powell to assess if a trophic gradient existed. We °ampled physical and chemical parameters (temperature, oxygen, conductivity, and total phosphorus), phytoplankton chlorophyll a, littoral and pelagic zooplankton biomass and composition, littoral and profundal benthic invertebrates, and fish abundance measured in the littoral zone (gill nets) and the pelagic zone (hydroacoustics). Data was collected along the upper 50 miles of the reservoir between Bullfrog and the Hite marina near the Colorado River inflow.

Our field trip was done just prior to the period of spring runoff from the Colorado River. Consequently, strong gradients in turbidity, nutrients, plankton and fishes were only evident in the area near Hite. This report contains the consolidated, unedited, reports done by students in the class.


This work made publicly available electronically on June 28, 2012.