Effects of Acid Rain Forest Nutrient Status

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effects, acid rain, forest nutrient status


The overall purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of acid deposition on the nutrient status of five diverse forest ecosystems: two (chestnut oak and yellow-poplar) on Walker Branch Watershed, Tennessee; one (scarlet oak) on Camp Branch Watershed, Tennessee; and two (red alder and Douglas-fir) at the Thompson site, Washington. These sites represent both a diversity in soils, climate, and vegetation and a gradient in pollutant sulfur inputs, from a high value of near 30 kg ha-1 year -1 in Walker Branch to a low value of about 9 kg ha-1 year -1 at the Thompson site. A special study of the effects of acid and sulfur on decomposer invertebrates was included in the Walker Branch Study.


Report presented by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Downloadable PDF available through remote link. Must click on corresponding publication.
Report Number: ORNL/TM-9729