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Marschall Italian and Specialty Cheese Seminar

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The impact of mixer temperature and mixer screw speeds on fat recovery, protein recovery, and yield of Mozzarella cheese was determined. In the first trial three different cheese temperatures were achieved: 130·F (54.C); 140•F (60.C); and 150.F (66·q. In the mixer temperature trial, a screw speed of 12 rpm (revolutions per minute) was used at all mixer temperatures. In the second trial, three different mixer screw speeds were used for stretching: 5 rpm, slow; 12 rpm, medium (ca. 50o/o of mixer full speed); 19 rpm, fast. Three vats of cheese were made per day. The two trials were conducted at separate times. Cheese making was replicated on three different days in each trial. The important results of the work were the following: 1) increasing screw speed decreased cheese moisture, 2) fat lost in the mixer increased with decreasing mixer temperature and increasing screw speed, 3) no significant influence of mixer temperature or mixer screw speed on nitrogen recovery was detected, 4) cheese yield efficiency increased with increasing stretching temperature and decreasing screw speed due primarily to changes in fat recovery in cheese, and 5) operational conditions in the Mozzarella mixer can have a large influence on cheese yield.

Future work should focus on development of Mozzarella mixer technology that can deliver control of cheese functionality and cheese yield.

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