This article explores a new Introduction to Archives class taught to undergraduates through a Library and Information Science Minor Program offered by the James E. Brooks Library at Central Washington University (CWU). The course is taught by the University Archivist. The challenges of recruiting students, promotion of the course, and teaching an upper level course to undergraduates from different disciplines is described, as well as the benefits of offering this type of course at the undergraduate level. A review of the literature on the benefits of educating undergraduates on archives and archival research is also included.

Author Biography

Julia Stringfellow is a professor, the University Archivist, and Library Department Chair at the James E. Brooks Library of Central Washington University. She has served in this position since 2015 and has also been a Certified Archivist since 2011. Her research and scholarship focus on the role of archives and primary sources in working with students, the academic library, and the local community.



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