Cereal Type in Diet and Housing System Influences on Growth Performance and Carcass Yield in Two Japanese Quail Genotypes

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Animal Feed Science and Technology



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We assessed the effects of cereal type (corn-based, CB or rice-based, RB) and housing system (floor, F, or cage, C) on the performance of two Japanese quail genotypes (non-selected, JAP, and a Jumbo variety, JUM) in two, 2 × 2 factorially designed, experiments. In Exp. 1, during the 15-d experimental period, there were 4 experimental groups: JAP quail fed the CB diet, JAP-CB; JAP quail fed the RB diet, JAP-RB; JUM quail fed the CB diet, JUM-CB; JUM quail fed the RB diet, JUM-RB. Quail in each of the 4 groups (42 quail/group) were housed in 7 pens, each with 6 birds. In Exp. 2, there were also 4 experimental groups (42 quail/group, 7 pens, each with 6 birds) examined during a 19-d experimental period under two different rearing systems: JAP-F, JUM-F, JAP-CF and JUM-C. Genotype did not affect dry matter feed intake (DMI) in Exp. 1, but both JAP and JUM quail consumed more (P<0.001) of the CB than RB diets. Average daily gain (ADG) was similarly higher (P<0.001) in JAP-CB and JUM-CB quail compared to the other 2 treatment groups. Feed conversion (FC) differed (P<0.001) as follows (best to worst): JUM-CB > JAP-CB = JAP-RB = JUM-RB. Final BW was similarly higher (P<0.001) in the JUM-CB, and JAP-CB groups compared to the JAP-RB and JUM-RB, groups and carcass yield (CY, P<0.001) differed as follows: JUM-RB = JUM-CB = JAP-RB > JAP-CB. In Exp. 2, DMI was similarly higher (P<0.05) in the JAP-C, JUM-F, and JUM-C groups compared to JAP-F quail and ADG was notably higher (P=0.07) in JUM-F quail than the other 3 groups. Regardless of housing system, FC was better (P=0.04) in JUM quail. Although final BW was higher (P<0.05) in F- than C-housed quail, CY was greater (P<0.01) in caged birds. Final BW and CY were unaffected by quail genome and its interaction with housing system. With a few exceptions, better performance was generally observed in quail fed diets containing corn regardless of genotype (Exp. 1), while C-reared JUM quail generally outperformed the other genotype × housing system groups (Exp. 2).

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