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This Environmental Assessment (EA) has been prepared to disclose and analyze the environmental consequences of gathering excess wild horses in the Red Desert Wild Horse Herd Management Area (HMA) Complex. The HMAs included in this complex are Lost Creek, Stewart Creek, Green Mountain, Crooks Mountain and Antelope Hills. The EA is a site-specific analysis of potential impacts that could result with the implementation of a proposed action or alternatives to the proposed action. The EA assists the BLM in project planning and ensuring compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and in making a determination as to whether any "significant" impacts could result from the analyzed actions. "Significance" is defined by NEPA and is found in regulation 40 CFR 1508.27. An EA provides evidence for determining whether to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) or a statement of "Finding of No Significant Impact" (FONSI). If the decision maker determines that this project has "significant" impacts following the analysis in the EA, then an EIS would be prepared for the project. If the decision maker determines that this project does not have "significant" impacts following the analysis, then an EA would be prepared for the project. A Decision Record may be signed for the EA approving one of the alternatives presented in the EA.


Environmental Assessment WY-030-2009-0258-EA