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Petroleum Development Corporation (PEDCO) of Gillette, Wyoming, notified the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Rawlins Field Office, that the company proposes to explore and potentially develop coalbed methane (CBM) wells in the Sun Dog Pod Project Area (SDPA) of the Atlantic Rim Project Area (ARPA) in southcentral Wyoming. The Sun Dog proposal is part of the exploration drilling activities that will be considered for the acquisition of data necessary to prepare the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) within the ARPA. Coalbed methane development is very new in the Green River Basin. Public concern has been brought forth regarding the unknowns about CBM development in this area. When asked by the operators to allow some limited exploration within the ARPA, the BLM agreed that some drilling would be advantageous and agreed to look at how much, and under what conditions, limited exploration activities would be considered.


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