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The Pinedale Anticline Project is located in Sublette County, Wyoming, within an area of 197,345 acres. The Project area approximate boundaries extend from Pinedale, Wyoming south 30 miles to the Jonah Field, U.S. Highway 191 on the east and the Green River and the Burma Road on the west. The Pinedale Anticline Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was prepared pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act and other regulations and statutes to fully disclose the potential environmental impacts which could result from implementation of the Pinedale Anticline Project and to solicit public comments and concerns. The EIS process is designed to inform the public of, and provide opportunity to comment on, an action proposed for implementation on public lands, including reasonable alternatives, and to disclose through detailed analysis, potential impacts associated with implementing the proposal or alternatives, including reasonable opportunities to mitigate potential impacts.


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