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Documents from 2015

A Hierarchical Examination of Bull Trout Habitat Relationships in Northeast Oregon, Robert Al-Chokhachy and Phaedra E. Budy

The Transport of Gravels in Boulder-bed Streams, A. F. Barta and Peter Richard Wilcock

Large Shift in Source of Fine Sediment in the Upper Mississippi River, Patrick Belmont, Karen B. Gran, Shawn P. Schottler, Peter R. Wilcock, Stephanie S. Day, Carrie Jennings, J. Wesley Lauer, Enrica Viparelli, Jane K. Willenbring, Daniel R. Engstrom, and Gary Parker

Large Shift in Sediment Source Challenges Upper Mississippi River Cleanup, P. Belmont, K. B. Gran, S. P. Schottler, Peter Richard Wilcock, S. S. Day, C. jennings., J. W. Lauer, E. Viparelli, J. K. Willenbring, D. R. Engstrom, and G. Parker

Sedimentary Characteristics of a Course Gravel-Bed River Choked with Fine Sediment, West Walker River, California, Nathaniel Bergman, John C. Schmidt, and Peter R. Wilcock


Predation on native sculpin by exotic brown trout exceeds that by native cutthroat trout within a mountain watershed (Logan, UT, USA), Phaedra Budy, Christy S. Meredith, and Gary P. Thiede


Demographic changes following mechanical removal of exotic brown trout in an Intermountain West (USA), high-elevation stream, Phaedra Budy, W. Carl Saunders, and Gary P. Thiede

Degraded Habitat and Crowded Niche Space: Understanding Impacts of Habitat Loss and Non-native Fishes on Endemic, Riverine Desert Fishes, Phaedra Budy, Gary Thiede, and Timothy Walsworth

Evaluating the potential impacts of American white pelican predation on Bonneville cutthroat trout in Strawberry Reservoir, Utah, Kevin Chapman, Phaedra Budy, and Frank Howe


Anthropogenic Footprint of Climate Change in the June 2013 Northern India Flood, C. Cho, R. Li, Shih-Yu (Simon) Wang, J. -H. Yoon, and R. R. Gillies; Climate Dynamics

Anthropogenic Footprint of Climate Change in the June 2013 Northern India Flood, C. Cho, R. Li, Shih-Yu Wang, J. Yoon, and R. Gillies

Effects of Land Use Change on Channel Morphology in Northeastern Puerto Rico, J. J. Clark and Peter Richard Wilcock

Characteristic Dimensions of the Step-Pool Bed Configuration: and Experimental Study, J. C. Curran and Peter Richard Wilcock

Triploid Versus Diploid Brook Trout: A Comparative Evaluation of Relative Performance with Consideration of Food Web Structure, Andy Dean, Phaedra Budy, and Gary Thiede

A Millennium-Length Reconstruction of Bear River Stream Flow, Utah, J. DeRose, M. Bekker, Shih-Yu Wang, R. Kjelgren, E. Allen, T. Bardsley, and B. Buckley

Stream temperature effects of water rights purchases, Logan Elmore and Sarah Null


The Untapped Potential of Water Conservation, Joanna Endter-Wada

Meter Implementation and Information Feedback: Tools for Promoting Urban Water Conservation, Joanna Endter-Wada, Diana T. Glenn, Roger Kjelgren, Clay Lewis, and Christopher M.U. Neale; American Water Resources Association (AWRA) Spring Specialty Conference: Water for Urban Areas- Managing Risks and Building Resiliency, Los Angeles, CA USA, March 30-April

Closing a Sediment Budget for a Reconfigured Reach of the Provo River, Utah, S. O. Erwin, J. C. Schmidt, J. M. Wheaton, and Peter Richard Wilcock

Bringing back the trout: metapopulation viability of Bonneville cutthroat trout in a fire-impacted watershed, Colton Finch and Phaedra Budy

Coupling of Pre-Monsoon Tropical Cyclones With the Monsoon Onset in Myanmar, B. Fosu and Shih-Yu Wang


Tools for Evaluating and Monitoring the Effectiveness of Urban Landscape Water Conservation Interventions and Programs, Diana T. Glenn, Joanna Endter-Wada, Roger K. Kjelgren, and Christopher M.U. Neale; Landscape and Urban Planning


Tools for evaluating and monitoring effectiveness of urban landscape water conservation interventions and programs, Diana T. Glenn, Joanna Endter-Wada, Roger Kjelgren, and Christopher M.U. Neale

Fine-Sediment Entrainment in Coarse-Bedded Rivers, Paul E. Grams, Peter R. Wilcock, and Stephen M. Wiele

Equilibrium Entrainment of Fine Sediment Over a Coarse Immobile Bed, P. E. Grams and Peter Richard Wilcock

Entrainment and Non-Uniform Transport of Fine Sediment in Coarse-Bedded Rivers, P. E. Grams, Peter Richard Wilcock, and S. M. Wiele

An Integrated Sediment Budget for the Le Sueur River Basin, K. Gran, P. Belmont, S. Day, C. Jennings, J. W. Lauer, E. Viparelli, Peter Richard Wilcock, and G. Parker


Rain Barrels in Utah, Brian Greene, Nancy Mesner, and Roslynn Brain


iSAW: Integrating Structure, Actors, and Water to Study Socio-Hydro-Ecological Systems, R. L. Hale, A. Armstrong, M. A. Baker, S. Bedingfield, D. Betts, C. Buahin, M. Buchert, T. Crowl, R. R. Dupont, J. R. Ehleringer, Joanna Endter-Wada, C. Flint, J. Grant, S. Hinners, J. S. Horsburgh, D. Jackson-Smith, A. S. Jones, C. Licon, S. E. Null, A. Odame, D. E. Pataki, D. Rosenberg, M. Runburg, P. Stoker, and C. Strong

Partial Transport in a Natural Gravel-bed Channel, J. K. Haschenburger and Peter Richard Wilcock

The Contributions of High Resolution Multispectral Imagery to Precision Agriculture: A Case Study of Soil Moisture Estimations, Leila Hassan-Esfahani, Alfonso Torres-Rua, and Mac McKee

The Flushing Flow Problem: Defining and Evaluating Objectives, G. M. Kondolf and Peter Richard Wilcock

Restoration and monitoring plan for native fish and riparian vegetation on the San Rafael River, Utah, Brian Laub, Justin Jimenez, and Phaedra Budy

Low-Cost, Smart Water Meter: Sustainable Water Monitoring and Conservation, Miguel Leonardo, Adel Abdallah, Jeffery Horsburgh, and David Rosenberg


Characterizing and Contextualizing the Water Challenges of Megacities, Enjie Li, Joanna Endter-Wada, and Shujuan Li


Linkages Between Water Challenges and Land Use Planning in Megacities, Enjie Li, Joanna Endter-Wada, and Shujuan Li

Linkages Between Water Challenges and Land Use Planning in Megacities, Enjie Li, Joanna Endter-Wada, and Shujuan Li

Protracted groundwater depletion after drought in the Central Valley of California, Yen-Heng Lin, Shih-Yu Wang, and Robert R. Gillies

Significant Impacts of Radiation Physics in the WRF Model on the Precipitation and Dynamics of the West African Monsoon, R. Li, J. Jin, Shih-Yu Wang, and R. Gillies

Decadal Oscillation of Autumn Precipitation in Central Vietnam Modulated by the East Pacific-North Pacific (EP-NP), R. Li, Shih-Yu Wang, R. Gillies, B. Buckley, L. Troung, and C. Cho


A Combined Dynamical and Statistical Downscaling Technique to Reduce Biases in Climate Projections: An Example for Winter Precipitation and Snowpack in the Western United States, R. Li, Shih-Yu (Simon) Wang, and R. R. Gillies; Theoretical and Applied Climatology

A Combined Dynamical and Statistical Downscaling Technique to Reduce Biases in Climate Projections: An Example for Winter Precipitation and Snowpack in the Western United States, R. Li, Shih-Yu (Simon) Wang, and R. R. Gillies


Decadal Oscillation of Autumn Precipitation in Central Vietnam Modulated by the East Pacific-North Pacific (EP-NP), R. Li, Shih-Yu (Simon) Wang, R. R. Gillies, B. Buckley, L. H. Troung, and C. Cho; Environmental Research

Trophic Relationships between Exotic Brown Trout (Salmo Trutta) and Native Bonneville Cutthroat Trout (Oncorhynchus Clarkii Utah) in the Logan River, Utah, Peter McHugh, Phaedra Budy, Erin VanDyke, and Gary Thiede

Exploring Relationships Between Channel Gradient, Gravel Availability, and Brown Trout (Salmo trutta) Spawning Densities in Logan River, Utah, Christy Meredith and Phaedra Budy

Mechanics in the Earth and Environmental Sciences, G. V. Middleton and Peter Richard Wilcock

Modeling Flow and Water Quality in an Effluent-Dependent Mountain Stream, Gracie Miller and Sarah Null

The Effect of Duck Ingestion and Seed Size on Seed Dormancy Loss in Wetland Bulrushes, Bret Mossman, Delena Williams, James Marty, and Karin Kettenring

Assessing the Effects of Water Rights Purchases on Dissolved Oxygen, Stream Temperatures, and Fish Habitat, Nathaniel Mouzon and Sarah Null


iSAW: Integrating Structure, Actors, and Water to study socio-hydro-ecological systems, Sarah Null

Can the Causeway in the Great Salt Lake be Used to Manage Salinity, Sarah E. Null, Wayne A. Wurtsbaugh, and Craig Miller


Approaches for studying fish production: Do river and lake researchers have different perspectives?, Sarah Null, Wayne A. Wurtsbaugh, Brian G. Laub, Brett B. Roper, and Carl Saunders

Comparison of Morphological and Biological Control of Exchange with Transient Storage Zones in a Field-Scale Flume, C. Orr, J. Clark, Peter Wilcock, J. Finlay, and M. Doyle

Mountaintop Mining Consequences, M. A. Palmer, E. S. Bernhardt, W. H. Schlesinger, k. N. Eshleman, E. Foufoula-Georgiou, M. S. Hendryx, A. D. Lemly, G. E. Likens, O. L. Loucks, M. E. Power, P. S. With, and Peter Richard Wilcock

Sediment Feed Recirculating Flumes: A Fundamental Difference, G. Parker and Peter Richard Wilcock

A Novel Method to Monitor the Efficacy of Phragmites Management, Evan Pool, Eric Hazelton, and Karin Kettenring


Legacy of Mexico's Agrarian Counter-Reforms: Reinforcing Social Hierarchies in Calakmul, Campeche, Claudia Radel, Santana Navarro-Olmedo, and Nora Haenn

Effects of water quality on fish species in Cutler Reservoir, Jamie Reynolds and Phaedra Budy

Understanding the Role of Non-Game Fish in Pelican Diet and Distribution at Strawberry Reservoir, UT, Jamie Reynolds, Phaedra Budy, Kevin Chapman, and Gary Thiede

Optimizing Selective Withdrawal from Reservoirs to Manage Downstream Temperatures with Climate Warming, David E. Rheinheimer, Sarah Null, and Jay R. Lund

Effective Control of Small, Dense Phragmites Australis Patches in Great Salt Lake Wetlands, Christine Rohal, Karin Kettenring, and Eric Hazelton

Metrics for Assessing the Downstream Effects of Dams, J. C. Schmidt and Peter Richards Wilcock

StreamLab Collaboratory: Experiments, Data Sets, and Research Synthesis, A. Singh, J. A. Czuba, E. Foufoula-Georiou, J. D.G. Marr, C. Hill, S. Johnson, C. Ellis, J. Mullin, C. H. Orr, Peter Richard Wilcock, M. Hondzo, and C. Paola

Multi-Scale Statistical Characterization of Migrating Dunes in Sand-Bed Rivers, A. Singh, S. Lanzoni, Peter Richard Wilcock, and E. Foufoula-Georgiou

Closing the Gap Between Watershed Modeling, Sediment Budgeting, and Stream Restoration, Sean M.C. Smith, Patrick Belmont, and Peter R. Wilcock

Using Present and Past Data to Model Predator-Prey Dynamics in Lake Powell, Utah-Arizona: A Bioenergetics Approach, Shane J. Vatland, Phaedra E. Budy, and Gary P. Thiede

A Model to Predict the Evolution of a Gravel Bed River Under an Imposed Cyclic Hydrograph and its Application to the Trinity River, E. Viparelli, D. Gaeuman, Peter Wilcock, and G. Parker

Green Infrastructure Performance in Stormwater Quality, Hailey Wall, Pamela Blackmore, Luigi Dragonetti, Grant Hardy, Graydon Bascom, and Bo Yang

Could the 2012 Drought in Central U. S. Have Been Anticipated?, Shih-Yu Wang, Danny Barandiaran, Kyle Hilburn, and Paul Houser

Global Eastward Propagation Signals Associated With the 4-5-year ENSO Cycle, Shih-Yu Wang, X. Jiang, and B. Fosu

Probable Causes of the Abnormal Ridge Accompanying the 2013-14 California Drought: ENSO Precursor and Anthropogenic Warming Footprint, Shih-Yu (Simon) Wang

The North American Winter 'Dipole' and Extremes Activity: A CMIP5 Assessment, Shih-Yu (Simon) Wang, Wan-Ru Huang, and Jin-Ho Yoon


Virtual manipulation of topography to test potential pool–riffle maintenance mechanisms, Joseph M. Wheaton, J. R. Jackson, and G. B. Pasternack

Fluids Go to Bed: Transport & Sorting in Coarse-Bedded Streams, Peter Richard Wiclock

Reach-Averaged Sediment Routing Model of a Canyon River, S. M. Wiele, Peter Richard Wilcock, and P. E. Grams

Application of Sediment Transport Mechanics to Environmental and Geological Problems, Peter Richard Wilcock

Are We Certifiable? Defining a Stream Restoration Body of Knowledge as a Basis for National Certification, Peter Richard Wilcock

Artificial Floods in Grand Canyon: Are They Working?, Peter Richard Wilcock

A Surface-Based Transport Model for Mixed Sand & Gravel, Peter Richard Wilcock

Bed-Load Transport of Individual Fractions in Mixed-Size Sediment, Peter Richard Wilcock

Choice, Benefits, and Cost in Stream Restoration: What is the Role for Science and Engineering?, Peter Richard Wilcock

Connecting Grain-scale Physics to Reach-scale Applications, Peter Richard Wilcock

Controls of Coastal Cliff Erosion, Calvert County, MD, Peter Richard Wilcock

Dominant Discharge: Who Needs It?, Peter Richard Wilcock

Downstream Sediment Transport, Peter Richard Wilcock

Estimating Local Bed Shear Stress from Velocity Observations, Peter Richard Wilcock

Estimating Sediment Transport Rates in Gravel-bed Rivers, Peter Richard Wilcock

Featured Address and Panel Discussion: Toward a Professional Stream Restoration Practice, Peter Richard Wilcock

Flume Experiments on the Transport of Mixed-Size Sediment, Peter Richard Wilcock

Frequency of Effective Wave Activity and the Recession of Coastal Bluffs: Calvert Cliffs, Maryland, Peter Richard Wilcock

Grain Scale Processes and Sorting, Peter Richard Wilcock

How to Flush a River, Part I: Defining and Evaluating Objectives, Peter Richard Wilcock

How to Flush a River, Part II: A Model for Specifying Sediment Maintenance Flows, Peter Richard Wilcock

Hydrological and Geomorphological Aspects of Habitat Restoration in Regulated Rivers, Peter Richard Wilcock

Legacy Sediment & Sources in the Minnesota River Basin, Peter Richard Wilcock

Living with Dams - Geomorphology's Role in Modern Dam Management, Peter Richard Wilcock

Living with Gravel: Physics and Applications of Fluvial Erosion and Sedimentation, Peter Richard Wilcock

Magnitude and Frequency of Wave Undercutting on Rapidly Eroding Coastal Slopes, Peter Richard Wilcock

Methods for Estimating the Critical Shear Stress of Individual of Individual Fractions in Mixed-Size Sediment, Peter Richard Wilcock

Modeling Sediment Transport as a Geomorphic Agent, Peter Richard Wilcock