Scanning Electron Microscopy


Combined methods of light microscopy to present ossification zones by means of fluorochrome dyes make it possible to explain the contradicting presentations of the vascular system of the growth plate in the literature. The vascular system was casted with methacrylates which can be presented in the scanning electron microscope 3-dimensionally together with the trabeculae as a result of their resistance in the electron beam.

The 3-dimensional presentation in the electron microscope allows a clear distinction between the various vascular sections in the arterial flow system. In the microcorrosion casts the vessels of the epiphyseal side of the growth plate can be clearly distinguished from those of the metaphyseal side. The combination of both methods: labelling with fluorochromes investigated in the incident fluorescent light and casting of the vessels studied in the SEM shows close connection between the arterial vascularization and osteogenesis. These findings also explain the reactions on the part of growth behavior following traumatic injuries to the growth plate -reactions which could not be clearly explained up until now. Our findings do not contradict results of studies in the literature. They permit a uniform interpretation of these findings, however. Presentations of the venous drainage system on the epiphyseal side of the growth zone have not been made to date.

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