About USU's Institutional Repository


Utah State University’s (USU) Institutional Repository (IR) supports open access initiatives and contributes to USU’s intellectual output and engagement with global scholarly resources. The purpose of this repository is to archive and provide open access to the scholarly works, research, reports, publications, teaching materials, workshops, and lectures produced by USU faculty, staff, students, and organizations.

Institutional Repository Scope

The institutional repository features content produced by USU stakeholders.

Content Providers

USU stakeholders allowed to deposit materials into the IR include faculty, emeritus faculty, staff, administrators, students, associated groups or research centers. This includes federal or state agencies with USU sponsors or researchers, departmental publications or research, journals with USU affiliated editors, conferences with USU affiliation via organizers or location.

Types of Content

USU’s IR will accept materials such as articles, conference content, datasets, historical content, journals, Open Educational Resources (OER), posters, and presentations. This list is not exhaustive and other materials will be considered as they align with previously stated content providers.

Materials placed in the IR must have a connection to USU. USU Libraries reserves the right to decline posting materials that do not support the overall institutional repository mission, USU land-grant mission, or are deemed inappropriate for this digital collection. This IR will not post or preserve community materials, historical content not associated with USU, or alumni materials.

Content outside of the immediate scope of the IR but with significant value to USU will be evaluated and considered for preservation and access within the IR.

Digital Preservation

The IR supports all file types and formats. Files are provided with persistent URLs, and if needed, Library staff will obtain DOIs for content on request. All files are backed up at multiple sites, including cloud storage. Preservation copies are stored in Amazon Web Services, with redundant storage across multiple facilities and are regularly verified for integrity of data using checksums.


Effective January 2021, content in the IR will be available under open licensing or Creative Commons By Attribution (CC-BY) Licenses unless noted otherwise in individual items.


USU Libraries may refuse deposit of materials as guided by this policy.