Scanning Electron Microscopy


The ultrastructure of bone marrow of rats was studied 24 h after exchange-transfusion with solutions of starch or modified hemoglobin to a hematocrit of 10-15. Blood smears of the transfused rats had 17-20% reticulocytes as compared to 5-6% for sham operated controls. In the transfused rats marrow macrophages had numerous heterolysosomes apparently containing the starch or hemoglobin from the transfused solutions. Endothelial cells and reticular cells also possessed a few heterolysosomes thought to contain starch or hemoglobin. Reticular cells of the transfused rats contained numerous glycogen particles scattered throughout the cytoplasm or arranged in large masses. Synthesis of glycogen may indicate a metabolic change in reticular cells in response to tissue hypoxia induced by the exchange-transfusion procedure.

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