Scanning Electron Microscopy


Cryoultramicrotomy, which avoids the use of harsh fixation procedures, deleterious dehydration and plastic embedding can be combined with immunocytochemis try to determine the ultra-structural localization of cellular proteins. Our attempts to use the cryosectioning technique in combination with immunolabelling to bridge the gap between light and electron microscopic analysis of muscle morphology have enabled us to obtain new information on fibre typing at the ultrastructural level. Furthermore, we have obtained a marked improvement in the resolution of myofibrillar structures by using semithin cryosections for fluorescence microscopy. Data are also presented on correlated light and electron microscope immunocytochemistry of myocardial intermediate filaments confirming the presence of longitudinally oriented intermediate filaments of desmin in the region of the intercalated discs of mammalian cardiac myocytes, whereas elsewhere in the myocyte the bulk of intermediate filaments of desmin is concentrated in the intermyofibrillar space at the level of the Z disc.

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