Scanning Electron Microscopy


Solid state detector cathodoluminescence studies of semiconducting and semi-insulating GaAs and InP crystals, were performed. The origin of the dislocation contrast in GaAs:Si doped substrates, in the carrier concentration range from 1016 to 6 · 1018 cm-3, were discussed. The image contrast was explained on the basis of the emission efficiency versus carrier concentration curve, obtained in the transmission mode. Single dislocations and dislocation arrangements in addition to growth striations, clusters and precipitate-like microdefects were evidenced. The above mentioned microdefects were detected in GaAs: Te, S and Si doped and InP: Sn doped specimens. Commercial InP:Sn and S doped crystals by different manufacturers were also tested in order to perform a comprehensive evaluation of the defect content. Finally, combining emission and transmission cathodoluminescence, Si and Ge detectors at different beam energies, the defect distribution of different layers in simple and double heterostructures was determined in a non-destructive way. MBE InGaAs/InP and LPE InGaAsP/InP structures, employed as semiconductor detectors and lasers, were investigated.

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