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Ultrastructural studies of mouse bone marrow reveal that reduction of the marrow-blood barrier precedes the two waves of leukocytosis which follow endotoxin administration. These ultrastructural changes include a decrease in adventitial cover of the marrow sinus wall, an increase in sinus circumference, and a decrease in endothelial cell overlap. The marrow-blood barrier changes which precede the first wave of leukocytosis are transient and are associated with depletion of marrow granulocytes. The changes that precede the second wave of leukocytosis 5 to 6 days later are more sustained and are associated with marked granulocyte hyperplasia. We suggest that endotoxin has two effects on marrow ultrastructure: (1) an early, direct effect on the sinus wall and (2) a later, indirect effect associated with granulocyte proliferation. The late effect may be mediated through endotoxin induced release of colony stimulating factor. Both effects diminish the normal marrow-blood barrier and appear to facilitate cell release from the marrow.

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