Scanning Microscopy


A calculation method for quantitative X-ray microanalysis (QXMA) for microparticle specimens of a compound with various shapes is proposed in this paper. On the basis of a simplified physical model, the scattering of electrons in particles is calculated by Monte Carlo simulation. We have derived a series of evaluation formulae of the absorption and fluorescence of characteristic X-rays for the particles with regular shapes. With the use of these theories, along with an iteration calculation, compositions of microparticle specimens can be obtained from the measured X-ray intensity ratios. In order to examine the reliability of the method, a large number of electron probe experiments and analysis calculations were carried out for the microparticle specimens of a variety of geometric shapes, dimensions and compositions. Agreement of calculated concentrations using our method with known compositions of the analyzed particle specimens is fairly good. In practical work, calculation formulae for particle specimens with irregular shapes can be replaced by those of particles with approximate regular shapes.

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