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In this paper, results of a semi-quantitative and qualitative leaching study of chrysotile and Chrysophosphate® fibers in oxalic acid and succinate salt buffer solutions with laser microprobe mass analysis (LAMMA) and electron probe X-ray micro-analysis (EPXMA) are presented, which demonstrate clearly the potential of these sensitive surface analytical tools for the analysis of natural physico-chemically modified and depleted fibers. These results are verified with those obtained by atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) for the measurement of the leached magnesium and iron concentration in solution. In order to study differences in adsorption behaviour and reaction capability between natural and chemically modified chrysotile, LAMMA-analysis was performed on fibers treated with benzo[a]pyrene, N,N-dimethylaniline (DMA) and ortho-phenylene-diamine (OPDA). In correlation with biomedical investigations. this study could contribute to the elucidation of the potential sequences of fiber surface properties in relation to the biological activity and cytotoxicity.

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