Scanning Microscopy


Minicavities were prepared in 26 caries-free teeth. Cavity preparation and the finishing of the occlusal area and the gingival floor was done with diamond burs (diameter 1 mm, grain sizes 90 μm and 15 μm, respectively). For the finishing of the axial box margin and the proximo-cervicaI curved border, a new set was developed: It is composed of an EVA-system with the total amplitude reduced to 0.34 mm, and a highly flexible file (Cavishape, grain 15 μm). The shape of this file had to be modified in order to follow the proximo-cervical curvature. The efficiency of the new device was compared with the axial margin trimmer by means of scanning electron microscopy and a score system.

The new device allowed a significantly better finishing of the proximo-cervical curvature and of the axial box margin.

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