Scanning Microscopy


This paper deals with the backscattering and the transmission of electrons with energy < 3 keV through thin self supporting films, or on bulk metals.

We present the main theoretical models used in such problems, and we analyse mainly the models based on the Boltzmann transport equation, similar to those developed in our laboratory.

For any model shown here, we try to give the precise domain in which they give reliable results as well as the limitations connected to the simplifying assumptions.

In the case of the most sophisticated model, we give original results for copper. The models are presented in a comparative form, and when it is possible we compare our results with the experimental ones. The theoretical models were applied to Al and Cu. We give, for bulk metals, the values of the backscattering yield, and the energy distributions of backscattered electrons.

In the case of thin self supporting films, we studied mainly the backscattering and transmission coefficients, as well as the energy distributions of transmitted and backscattered electrons.

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