Scanning Microscopy


Mudstones from a broad range of depositional environments have been investigated to determine whether fabric, texture or mineralogy may (1) be used to identify the environment of deposition and (2) be correlated with poroperm. The diversity of fabrics and textures reflects features of the detrital mudstone composition, compaction and diagenesis, rather than environment of deposition. Preferred orientation has been disturbed by bioturbation and growth of post-compactional authigenic minerals; these factors have reduced to nil any correlation which may have existed between fabric, measured as the illite orientation ratio (O/R) and environment of deposition.

It is mineralogy rather than fabric or texture which, after compaction, have most influenced the poroperm. Preliminary results suggest that abundant illite/illite-smectite results in higher poroperm than abundant detrital kaolinite.

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