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The effect of low dose He-Ne laser on the healing of intestinal anastomosis was studied in the albino rat. A small piece of jejunum was removed from each rat and the ends sutured back with a simple interrupted pattern. In the experimental animal, the anastomosis was Irradiated through an optic fiber with a He-Ne laser (1 mW) for 15 minutes whereas in the control animal, the anastomosis was not irradiated. The differences between the two groups were compared by histology, transmission electron microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and autoradiography 3 and 7 days after operation. The laser treated experimental animals demonstrated thicker collagen fibers and an increased quantity of collagen at the junction of the anastomosis compared to control animals. Increased uptake of labelled proline was also evident in the laser treated animals. These observations all point to a possible enhancement of collagen synthesis triggered by laser irradiation.

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