Scanning Microscopy


The mucosa of rabbit esophagus was irradiated with single doses of 10 and 20 Gy respectively. Specimens were taken for scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and light microscopy investigations. Examinations were made 1-14 days after 10 Gy and 1-17 days after 20 Gy. Irradiation resulted in edema during the first days. The thickness of the epithelium was at its lowest value around day 5 after the administration of 10 Gy, and on days eight to ten after the administration of 20 Gy. Damage of the epithelium surface, as scored on SEM micrographs, was most pronounced on days eight to eleven after irradiation, showing a clear dose dependency. The second week after irradiation repair was seen concluding in an overshoot of the mucosal height. The amount of bacteria on the surface increased during the period of edema, and decreased when the damage was most pronounced.

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