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X-ray diffraction analysis has been used to evaluate the phase composition of two (spherical and lathe cut) HCSC amalgam alloys and early phase changes in these amalgam in the time interval 2.5 min to 7 days after trituration. A method appropriate for the evaluation of these changes was developed. Only two phases were found in alloys Valiant and Ana 2000: gamma(Ag3Sn) and epsilon(Cu3Sn). In amalgams, no diffraction peaks were observed corresponding to gamma 2 phase in the time interval form 2.5 min to 7 days after trituration. The relative concentration changes of the reaction products of an amalgamation (gamma 1 and eta) were observed already at 2.5 min after trituration. Twenty minutes after trituration there were some differences in the setting rate between spherical and lathe cut amalgams: the spherical amalgam rate was higher. The formation of the reaction phases was fastest during the first 60 min after trituration and continued for at least the next 7 days.

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