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The retinal changes of a mutant strain of goldfish with megalophthalmia were studied by histology, electron microscopy and biochemistry. Changes in the morphology of the pigment epithelium, decrease in number of photoreceptors, thinning out of retinal layers and the existence of spaces in the retina were all features as the eyes grew in size. Invasion of macrophages was also evident in the retina. A decrease in leucine uptake per milligram of retina was also detected as the eye grew beyond 0.8 millilitre in volume. These changes, although related to volume changes (i.e., growth) of the eyes, were found to have little relationship with increase of intraocular pressure as intraocular pressures in the growing eyes of the mutant strain did not change much. Goldfish from a control strain with similar eye volumes and sizes (ages) were used for comparison and similar changes as in the mutant were not apparent.

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