Scanning Microscopy


Calcospherites from the lower incisor dentin of rabbits were investigated by scanning and transmission electron microscopy (TEM), energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) and electron diffraction analyses. In the labial predentin, globular calcospherites of 8-31 μm were present at the root apex, decreasing in size toward the incisal region. The calcospherites at the intermediate region were of mulberry- as well as of spindle-shape of 1.5-4 μm diameter. The incisal pulp horn contained micro-calcospherites of 0.3-0.6 μmin diameter. In the lingual predentin, small granular calcospherites of 1. 8-3 μm were present at the root apex, increasing in size toward the intermediate region. Ultrathin sections of globular calcospherites showed bundles of collagen fibrils at the root apex of the labial predentin. The diameters of individual bundles ranged from 1.2-3.4 μm. The width of the fibrils in the bundles was approximately 120-170 nm. Bundles of collagen fibrils were not found in the lingual predentin. Crystals of calcospherites were identified as apatite by electron diffraction. Those at the intermediate region showed preferred orientation of the c-axis. TEM-EDS analyses indicated that Ca and P were the major elements, with small amounts of Mg. The Mg/Ca molar ratios decreased from the root apex to the incisal pulp horn. Ca peak intensities increased from the root apex to the incisal region.

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