Scanning Microscopy


The splenic microvasculature of the turtle Chrysemys scripta elegans was studied by means of scanning electron microscopy of vascular corrosion casts and critical point dried tissue. In addition light- and transmission electron microscopic investigations were carried out. Within the organ the arteries are surrounded by periarterial lymphoid sheaths. The majority of the arterial capillaries, which emerge from these central arteries have open endings within the reticular meshwork of the red pulp. Approximately 10% of the capillaries directly connect with the venous origins. Since these venous capillaries of C. scripta elegans resemble those of nonsinusal mammalian spleens we termed them pulp venules.

Several blood cells were seen in passage through the fenestrae of the pulpvenules. The blood cells overcome these wall pores either unimpeded or a striking deformation of the passing cell occurs.

In the subcapsular region of the organ radially arranged venous vessels are observed, which drain into a collecting vein.

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