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Sink Hollow Volume 3



It's difficult to believe that my time with this journal has come to a close. It has been one of the greatest experiences of my undergraduate career to be an integral part of its publication.

At the time of this writing, our previous issues have been read over 5,500 times, with this volume set to increase that number substantially. We have worked with undergraduates across the United States and from many other countries as well. A great thanks goes out to all our submitters. Without you there is no journal.

Though I'm moving on to other things, I trust the upcoming staff to continue in the excellent literary and aesthetic tradition which so many talented individuals have brought to life over the last two years.

I have long believed, and continue to believe, in the essential function of art and literature to a healthy democracy and a healthy civilization. I am proud to have participated, in my small way, in that tradition.

Ethan Trunnell, Undergraduate Editor