Article Title

Sink Hollow Volume 9



Our world experiences radical change every day. With this change, things that used to make us feel grounded in our lives may not translate. Our realities may not hold true anymore. Through artistic expression, whatever form that takes, we re-examine what it means to be human after change.

Issue 9 takes a journey of re-examination during times of radical- and sometimes harsh- change. The collage of pieces we have curated re-examine so much of what I thought I knew and give an entirely new meaning to my reality. I would challenge you as you read this issue to re-examine change and what form it takes for you. Maybe even use the defiant artists featured in this issue to give you the courage to embrace the pain, uncertainty and hope that comes with change.

With every issue of Sink Hollow I put together, I am amazed at all of the contrasting pieces we receive. What is even more amazing, though, is that all of these pieces seem to come together and blend into something cohesive and raw. Thank you to all the artists who made this issue possible, and for giving me the courage to re-examine- and embrace- change.

Brianne Sorensen

Editor in Chief