Table of contents

Trends in Utah agriculture, by D. A. Broadbent 1

New seed cleaning laboratory 2

Should range heifers be bred as yearlings, by J. A. Bennett, L. A. Stoddart, and L.E. Harris 3

Regional cooperative research 4

Aaron Francis Bracken 4

Ripe peaches preferred by consumers, by E.W. Lamborn 5

Lining of canals and reservoirs saves land as well as water, by C.W. Lauritzen and O.W. Israelsen 6

2, 4-D reduces yields of sweet corn and potatoes, by D.C. Tingey 8

Carp as a protein supplement, by W.F. Sigler 10

Cracking of cherry fruit, by F.B. Wann 12 Utah born students have more decayed, filled, and missing teeth than out-of-state students, by E.B.

Wilcox, F.D. Walker, and D.A. Greenwood 15 Arsenic persistence on plants worked by bees, by

G.F. Knowlton and T.C. Yao 20