Table of contents

High freight rates unfavorable to agricultural and industrial development in Utah, by V. L. Israelsen 1

New poultry research farm nearing completion 2

Nutritional diseases of farm animals, by L. L. Madsen 3

Soil management and irrigation research 4

Beware of fly sprays with oil base 4

How shall peach trees be pruned by S. W. Edgecombe R. K. Gerber, and O. Kirk 5

Ranchers have a stake in range research by W. Keller 6

Early spring vegetables from fall planting, by L. L. Pollard 8

Cooperative research speeding solution of weed control problems, by F. L. Timmons 10

Alfalfa meal in turkey rations by B. Alder 16

Three staff members attain emeritus status 20