Table of contents

Utah State widens its field of service, by R. H. Walker 41

Fertilizers for dry land wheat, by H. B. Peterson 42

Survival of wheatgrasses on sagebrush range, by C. W. Cook and L. A. Stoddart 43

Antibiotics produce faster growth and more efficient food utilization in poultry, by C. I. Draper 44

Toxicity of DDT and methoxychlor, by C. Biddulph et al 45

Brisket disease, by L. E. Harris et at. 46

Supplementary feeding of range sheep, by E. H. Whitcomb et al 48

A continuous supply of soil moisture to the growing crop gives highest yields, by S. A. Taylor 50

Juvenile detention facilities inadequate in rural Utah, by D. C. Carter 52

Tomatoes, profitable cash crop, by E. M. Morrison 54

Studies on Panguitch Experimental Farm, by R. Nielson 57