Table of contents

High production key to agricultural profits in 1951-52, by W. P. Thomas, G. T. Blanch, and D. A. Broadbent 65

Grants give added support to research on turkey diseases 66

A new wheat for fall planting on irrigated land, by D. C. Tingey 67

Smoke generators appear of little value for raising orchard temperatures, by S. W. Edgecombe, R. K. Gerber, and O. D. Kirk 69

Research will attempt to give definite answers to questions on halogeton poisoning, by L. A. Stoddart and C. W. Cook 70

Station intensifies Rambouillet improvement program, by J. A. Bennett 72

Choose adapted high yielding corn hybrids 74

Radioiron, a tool in the study of chlorosis, by F. B. Wann, D. W. Thorne, and J. Woolley 76

Hydrogen peroxide has a place in the making of high quality Swiss cheese, by A. J. Morris, P. B. Larsen, and J. D. Johnson 79

Rats demonstrate the value of an adequate diet, by E. B. Wilcox 81