Table of contents

Good range management prevents losses from halogeton poisoning, by C. W. Cook, L. A. Stoddart, and V. L. Hart 25

Leaf spot, most destructive disease of the Italian prune in Utah, by B. L. Richards 27

Changes in personnel 28

Auctions become increasingly important in the marketing of western livestock, by H. Abel and D. A. Broadbent 29

Deep suture, a virus-like disease of sweet cherry, by B. L. Richards 31

Meat quality and dressing percentage increased by feeding sugar to livestock prior to slaughter, by E. B. Wilcox, D. A. Greenwood, L. S. Galloway, M. B. Merkley, W. Binns, J. A. Bennett, and L. E. Harris 32

Better yields of carrot and onion seed with closer spacing and proper irrigation, by L. R. Hawthorn 34

Grass seed, a new enterprise for Utah farmers, by W. Keller 36

What's new in alfalfa varieties, by M. W. Pedersen, R. J. Evans, J. W. Carlson, and D. R. McAllister 41

New sorghums may have a place in Utah, by D. R. McAllister 44