Table of contents

More than half of Utah chickens marketed through cooperatives, by R. H. Anderson and G. E. Downs 49

Vegetable research laboratory 50

Winter killing-the cause of serious losses in fall sown wheat, by D. C. Tingey 51

Two department heads give up administrative duties 52

Leaf crinkle most widely distributed of diseases of sweet cherry in Utah, by B. L. Richards 53

Research on effects of flourine compounds on plants and animals being conducted by Station, by D. A. Greenwood 54

Canning peas, an excellent crop to intensify Utah's irrigated crop production, by L. H. Davis

Antibiotics beneficial in rations of growing and fattening pigs, by H. Steffen 58

Cooperation between beekeepers and alfalfa seed growers can be profitable to both, by M. D. Levin 60

Soil fertility and human nutrition, by L. A. Maynard 66