Table of contents

Broiler production, by E. M. Morrison and T. I. Gunn 1

Are irrigation waters injuring Utah soils? by D. W. Thorne and ]. P. Thorne

Recommendations of the Kelly Report 4

Growing newer varieties will result in increased yields of spring grains in Utah, by R. W. Woodward 5

Why age carp? by W. ]. McConneIL 6

Working mothers, by C. Fredrickson 8

Cancer, by E. J. Gardner 10

Biscuitroot seriously reduces yield of winter wheat, by D. C. Tingey 12

Effect of holding on hatchability of turkey eggs, by A. B. Stephenson 14

Selecting chlorosis resistant shrubs, by D. W. Thorne and F. B. Wann 16

Miracle wheats a delusion, by R. W. Woodward 24