Table of contents

Utah's farm prosperity depends on expanded markets, by V. L. Israelsen 49

Orson W. Israelsen - dle 1953 John Deere medalist 50

Transmission of staphylococcosis in turkeys still unsolved, by R. A. Bagley and W. Binns 51

Cook and Harris receive Hoblitzelle award in agriculture 52

Increased numbers of fall and winter freshening cows offer more stable milk production, by W. Allred and T. I. Gunn 53

Chemicals will control two serious weed pests in Utah, quackgrass and canary grass, by F. L. Timmons and W. O. Lee 54

Utah sheep producers will save money by using scourable branding paint, by D. J. Matthews and M. A. Madsen 56

A test of durability of canal lining materials is their ability to resist root penetration, by C. W. Lauritzen 58

Technical assistance - an effective instrument for peace, by R. H. Walker 60

Let's do it with electricity, by A. B. Smith 62