Table of contents

How high are farm prices, by George T. Blanch and W. Preston Thomas 26

Willard Gardner closes a distinguished career 28

Professor Charles J. Sorenson, retires from Station staff 29

Long-time research on dry farming methods establishes pattern for successful practices, by William H. Bennett 30

Sprinkler irrigation-labor costs and effectiveness studied, by Dean K. Fuhriman 32

With present prices, pelleted high barley rations decrease turkey fed costs, by Jay O. Anderson 34

Can butter compete with oleo, by Wells Allred 35

Phosphorus supplements made more palatable with salt, by Milo L. Dew, George E. Stoddard, and George O. Bateman 36

Many teenagers begin day with poor breakfast, by Leora Galloway and Ethelwyn B. Wilcox 37

How harmful are the newer insecticides domestic animals and human beings, by Clyde Biddulph, D. A. Greenwood, L. E. Harris, C. 1. Draper, G. O. Bateman, George E. Stoddard, Wayne Binns, M. L. Miner, C. J. Sorenson, and F. V. Lieberman 38

A simple method to determine maturity and quality in lima beans, by D. K. Salunkhe and L. H. Pollard 42