Table of contents

Vending offers new market for dairy products, by A. J. Morris and Gordon Hopson 50

Conflicting federal, state, and local laws and regulations hinder increased use of dairy products, by V. L. Israelsen 53

See it on television, by Eldon Drake 54

To increase your profits, raise winter chicks, by Earnest M. Morrison 56

A high producing dairy herd is the result of a consistent program of breeding and selection, by George Q. Bateman 58

USAC assumes extended responsibility for technical assistance program in Iran 60

Most areas in Utah lack adequate library services, by Carmen Fredrickson 63

Yield and quality of potatoes influenced by fertilizers and irrigation, by Jay L. Haddock 64

How well do cattle eat on the range? 66

Sweet clover weevil-new pest in Utah, by George F. Knowlton 71

Changes in the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology 72