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President Daryl Chase 2

The future of agriculture in Utah is closely tied to the development of water, by W.P. Thomas 3

Wise use of new water will need sound planning and basic research 4

Early settlement and irrigation went hand in hand, W.P. Thomas 5

Colorado River Storage Project key to future development of Utah’s resources, both agricultural and industrial, by C.H. Milligan 6

National conservation policies to develop and use natural resources wisely, by T.R. Black 10

Land in plentiful, only water is lacking, by W.P. Thomas 12

Strength, weakness, and needs of Utah’s agriculture, by W.P. Thomas 14

Additional water means greater land development, by W.P. Thomas 16

Consumptive use studies provide information on amount of water needed by various areas, by W.D. Criddle 17

Central Utah Project will bring water to Bonneville Basin 20