Table of contents

Juices and purees, by Joan Barber 2

An experimental garden, by Otto Riethmann 5

Chlorosis, by Herman Wiebe 6

Chelates offer promise in control of chlorosis, by R. L. Smith and David D. Neher 8

Hybridization, next big step in turkey breeding, by J. David Carson 11

Out-of-state shipment of Utah cattle, by Lynn H. Davis 12

A better potato variety for Utah, by DeVere R. McAllister and Rex F. Nielson 14

Best strawberries for freezing, by Robert A. Norton 17

Will agricultural chemicals destroy the fertility of your soils? by L. W. Jones 18

Stilbestrol increases rate of gain and feed utilization in lambs, by M. A. Madsen, R. J. Raleigh, and L. E. Harris 20

Cooperative important in the agriculture of Utah, by W. Preston Thomas 21

Spotted alfalfa aphids invade Utah, by George F. Knowlton 27