Table of contents

Farm prices, by G. T. Blanch 50

How good are Utah apples, by E. W. Lamborn 53

Open shed housing, by G. E. Stoddard and G. Q. Bateman 54

Utah needs a new library law, by C. Fredrick and J. A. Gedd 57 The quality of the egg you buy, by R. H. Anderson 58

Alpine-new winter barley, by R.W. Woodward and D. C. Dix 60

Farm families and nonfarm income, by C. E. Stewart 62

It' all a matter of taste, by J. Barber and R.K. Gerber 65

Terramycin in the fattening ration of lamb, by R. J. Raleigh, L. E. Harris, and M. A. Madsen 67