Table of contents

Recommended field crop varieties, by D. R. McAllister, L. A. Jensen, and R. F. Nielson 2

Alfalfa varieties for hay, by D. R. McAllister 4

Alfalfa varieties for seed, by G. L. Stoker 6

The changing alfalfa seed market, by V. L. Israelsen 8

Anhydrous ammonia, by R. F. Nielson 11

Lamb mortality, by D. H. Matthews and P. R. Ogden 12

The cost of feeding turkeys, by J. O. Anderson 14

Staphylococcal synovitis of turkeys, by M. L. Miner 16

Purchase and use of eggs, by R. H. Anderson 18

Grain mixtures, by R. W. Woodward and G. A. Van Epps 21

Control of western x by roguing, by B. N. Wadley, G. W. Cochran, and G. H. Kaloostian 22