Table of contents

Herbicide for weed control in seed onions, by L. R. Hawthorn, F. L. Timmons, and W.O. Lee 30

The alfalfa seed dollar-who get it? by V. L. Israelsen 32

Witches’ broom, by D.R. McAllister, N.V. Allen, and D. V. Glover 35

Supplementing livestock on desert ranges, by C. W. Cook, L. A. Stoddart and L. E. Harris 36

Merchandising eggs, by R. H. Anderson 38

Performance testing, by D. J. Matthews and J. A. Benne 40

Revolution in Taiwan, by C. Culmsee 42

Plastic greenhouse, by G. W. Cochran 44

Butyl-coated fiberglas 49

New appointments to the staff 52