Table of contents

Economic changes require adjustments in agriculture, by G. T. Blanch 54

Voluntary organizations, by T. Black and J. Black 57

Brisket disease, by L. Shupe and J. L. Thorne 58

Chrysanthemums for the fall garden, by O. Riethmann 60

Thinning-out method best type of pruning for peach trees, by R. K. Gerber 62

Trading stamps boost sales in retail food stores, by R. H. Anderson and E. W. Lamborn 64

Roughage in rations of feeder lambs, by R. J. Raleigh, J. E. Butcher, and L. E. Harris 66

Profits from feeder lambs, by L. H. Davis 67

Lay-flat tubing, by C. W. Lauritzen 68