Table of contents

Self service or maid service, by G. Q. Bateman, G. E. Stoddard, and C. H. Mickelsen 2

Wasatch Bush, a new green-seeded lima bean, by L. H. Pollard 4

Control dodder, by F. L. Timmons, W. O. Lee, and L. W. Weldon 6

Sprinkle or furrow, by J. L. Haddock 10

Pioneering a new crop, by E. M. Morrison and R. V. Withers 13

Consumers pick up the check for trading stamps, by E. W. Lamborn and R. H. Anderson 14

Nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers, by R. K. Gerber and M. W. Williams 16

Mineral deficiency disease, by R. L. Smith 18

An adequate breakfast, by M. Stegelmeier and E. B. Wilcox 20

It takes more poor quality water, by J. P. Thorne and D. W. Thorne 22

Size reduces unit costs of producing milk, by E. M. Morrison 24

Growing apples, by E. W. Lamborn 26