Table of contents

Direct vs. market selling of lambs, by N. K. Roberts 2

Improve foothill ranges, by C. W. Cook and L. A. Stoddart 5

Irrigate the soil, by L. S. Willardson 7

What should we do with Utah's carp? by W. F. Sigler 8

Limited amounts of grain for economic production, by G. Q. Bateman and C. H. Mickelsen 10

Hardy tomato plants produce higher yields, by A. R. Hamson 12

Homesteading in the nineteen fifties, by C. E. Stewart 14

Which barley shall I grow? by P. F. Nielson, G. A. Van Epps, and L. A. Jensen 17

Control drosophila, by H. E. Dorst 19

Special programs for special people, by S. L. Brower 20

Mite control, by D. W. Davis and G. L. Nielsen 22