Table of contents

Dwarf fruit trees, by R. A. Norton 30

Cash farm receipts by counties, Utah, 1957, by D. C. Strong 32

Availability of fresh fruits and vegetables in Utah markets, by E. W. Lamborn and C. E. Nef 35

The farmers and the pheasants, by F. Calkins 36

Spring pastures, by P. R. Ogden and D. H. Matthews 38

Cyclopian type malformation in lambs, by W. Binns, E. J. Thacker, and L. F. James 40

Why pay more for milk than coffee in restaurants? by R. A. Christensen 42

Efficiency in irrigating, by J. E. Christiansen 44

Studying the agricultural problems of an area, by G. A. Van Epps 46

What spring grains do farmers plant? by L. A. Jensen 48

Random sample testing, by J. D. Carson 50