Table of contents

Utah increases interstate shipments of milk, by R. A. Christensen 58

Problems in acquiring a farm under the Desert Land Act, by C. E. Stewart 60

Three new refreshing fruit drinks, by R. K. Gerber and D. K. Salunkhe 63

Adding zinc sulfate to dormant spray controls zinc deficiency, by R. L. Smith 65

Learning to control curly top in tomatoes, by o. S. Cannon 66

Alfalfa stem nematodes reduce hay yields, by D. R. McAllister 68

Plant annuals in late summer, by Otto Riethmann 70

Water requirements for beef cattle, by J. E. Butcher, L. E. Harris, and R. J. Raleigh 72

Can the school lunch become an outlet for turkey, by R. H. Anderson 74

Salt Lake grocery stores offer many customer services, by L. S. Galloway and E. B. Wilcox 76

Infertility in dairy cows an economic problem, by J. W. Call and W. Leidl 78