Table of contents

Water management for potato production, by S. A. Taylor and B. Rognerud 82

Breeding for quality in wheat, by W. Dewey 85

From Utah to the farms of Russia, by W. Thorne 86

Stress in relation to staphylococcal synovitis of turkeys, by R. A. Smart and M. L. Miner 88

Shrinkage allowance is a bargaining point, by N. K. Roberts 90

Utah gets federal milk marketing order, by R. A. Christensen 92

Apricots for Utah, by R. A. Norton and R. K. Gerber 95

Blanching with soft water, by D. K. Salunkhe and A. R. Hamson 97

Economy rations for gilts, by J. A. Bennett and H. SteHen 98